Sunday, November 17, 2013

Freebies and Thanksgiving BINGO!

How's everyone's weekend going? I'm chillaxing watching me a little Duck Dynasty! Nothing like a good uplifting laugh listening to Jase and Si! Hey, anyone who watches Duck Dynasty finding themselves saying "Hey!" before ya start talking now a days?  And what about Si's one liners??

"I'm the most cultured man in this family. I've been to Vietnam, Germany, Boise Idaho & Shreveport last week."

And man, what I would do to have a few minutes talking with Teresa Coputo! I LOVE watching Long Island Medium! I love her personality!! She's so loud and full of life!! I love how she just speaks the truth and brings light and love to people. Both of these shows just have good vibes!

I've been busy, busy, busy the last few weeks! On top of parent teacher conferences and the normal work load, I've been creating a few things on the side. Here's some newbie items in my TpT store! I hope you love them as much as I do!

My Numbers to 1,000 Packet includes activities to help children read and write their numbers to 1,000. If you have children who struggle with place value, this packet can really help them learn their numbers to 1,000.

Just in time for your Thanksgiving celebrations, I have created these two cute packets: I Am Thankful Book {A Count down book for any time of the year} includes a separate cover and pages for those who do not want it to be a Thanksgiving book. This book can be used for those children who do not celebrate holidays!

 My Thanksgiving BINGO is different from other BINGO games because it includes 30 different BINGO cards! I love that each of my students has their own card different from everyone else! And who can resist those cute graphics by Melonheadz and Creative Clips!

And here's a couple of  FUN FREEBIES for you!!

I hope you have a fabulous week! Think positive thoughts and may good things come to you!


Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Very cute freebies! I was also watching "Duck Dynasty" last night! Have a great week!

    Learning is for Superstars
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    1. Isn't Duck Dynasty so fun! I just crack up at Si and Jase! I hope you had a great Monday! Thanks for leaving your comment! :)

  2. Very cute! I'm loving your covers too!


  3. I just found this blog, and let me tell you: I *cracked up* when Si bragged about how cultured he is!

    AND I didn't know there was a Duck Dynasty Quote website! This is going to be very, very difficult to pull myself away from.

    And, by the by---that "I'm Thankful for" book is wonderful!

  4. I love bingo! But how do you play that kind of bingo game??


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