Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monster Art and ABC Book Freebie

This is the easiest art lesson!!! I found this adorable monster art lesson here at Art Projects For Kids! (She is one of my "go to" sites for great ideas for art lessons.) 

My 3rd graders had so much fun making it their own. I would definitely suggest having them retrace over the lines with a black sharpie AFTER the paint dries rather than before painting, as it really made the lines more defined and the colors "pop"! 

We used Crayola watercolors but I had to teach them not to use as much water to make the color brighter. I usually use Prang watercolors because you don't need to use as much paint to make the color bright.

 We tied this to a creative writing ABC book:

You can download this freebie here or click on the image below:


  1. Those monsters are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the art link. :)

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