Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Non-fiction Books on Animals

Just one more day to enter my give away!!   If you are getting ready to review for testing in 2nd grade, this is a great review of all the common core standards. The winners will be announced tomorrow night!

We have been writing informational stories in my class for the last few weeks. We have been going through all the different habitats. Our library has some books on animals, but not a ton.

I love using NationalGeographicKids.com as one of my go-to sources for my students to gather information on a wide range of animals. But, I was looking for kid-friendly non-fiction books that were on my second grader's reading level. I really wanted them to have something they could hold in their hands that they could read and reread. After a searching for awhile on Amazon.com I hit the jackpot!

I absolutely LOVE these books!!! I've collected almost all of them!! (Being the children's book-aholic that I am!) Not only do I love these, but my students love them as well! These books are always the first ones to leave the bookshelf and as soon as they return another child is waiting to snatch it!

I use these books along with a fabulous resource by Caitlin Hynst, from Simply Second! I absolutely love her Animal Habitats packet! It has adorable posters for the habitats and a research and writing page for animals from each habitat.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I love those Amazing Animals books too! I just bought one on penguins last week.


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