Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale!!

It's SPRING!!! It is FINALLY here!!! Time to celebrate with a huge 20% off SALE in my TpT store and do a little Spring Cleaning as well!

Last weekend the weather was warm and I caught the Spring Cleaning Fever!! I started some of my deep cleaning in my house…cleaning the windows and the blinds, scrubbing down the floors on my hands and knees with a rag, not just going over it with a mop, and wiping down all the baseboards.  It was just a start, but wow, it sure made a difference!

This weekend I'm focussing my Spring Cleaning on my TpT store and shopping cart! It's that time of year where I like to go back and clean up a few things! I'm linking up with Georgia Grown Kiddo's! Go check out her blog!!

1) Go through all my prior purchases and make sure I leave a sweet comment in the store where I bought them from. This always makes me feel good letting people know how much I appreciated their hard work! And, bonus! I rack up points towards future purchases!

Which leads me to #2!

2) I am always adding items on TpT to my Wish List! During my Spring Cleaning, I open up that wish list and delete the items I really don't need and add those must have items to my shopping cart. I do this after I've commented and earned my points so when it is time to check out, I don't have to spend nearly as much $$!! Happy! Happy!

Now for my FAVORITE part of Spring Cleaning!!

3) I'm going to buy all those wonderful must have items in my cart! And an added bonus, many of the items in my cart will be on sale this weekend because many of my favorite shops are having a Spring Cleaning Sale, too!!
I love and adore my blogger friends! They are all so talented and creative!! So, below is a link to each of their stores, just in case you want to see some of their fabulous products they have on sale!

Here are a few of my latest products that I've added to my store or updated! My students have loved working on these and I know yours will, too! Just click on any of the covers below to visit my store.

My sale starts Friday and runs through Monday! Go fill your cart tonight for a jump start on the weekend sale!

Happy Shopping and Spring Cleaning, my friends!


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