Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Have No Response...

Hi All! I know! I know!! Two blog posts in ONE WEEK!! Shocker!! I am so sad that I kinda stopped blogging last year when I had neck surgery and then ran off and got married! Now that life has settled back into a routine I am sooooo excited to reconnect with all my old bloggy buddies who probably thought I had fallen off the planet! And WOWY!! I've been doing me a little blog hopping lately and there are A TON of new blogs on the block! It's so exciting to see all the new faces that have joined the bloggy world since I've been M.I.A!!

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I found this on Facebook and seriously spit out the Sprite I was drinking and laughed out loud! Yah, this basically sums up how I'm doing on my New Year's resolution to do yoga every other day! Bah!!! Soooooo hasn't happened yet!! But hey, who can blame me? It is super cold and the pollution level is like the second worst in the WORLD and so I just don't think it is even slightly realistic to overexert myself under conditions such as these....

Ok, and further more, ya know that cold air and pollution and snow and winter yuck that I just mentioned? Yah, well that plus that plus that plus that = NO OUTSIDE RECESS!!! Arrrrrghhhhh! 

Before you start shrugging me off as the "Super Whiny-Wimp Girl", let me tell you how many days, no, how many consecutive days of inside recess we have had....

Well, seriously, I forgot to mark the first day it happened on my fresh January 2013 calendar like I do all important events and happenings and not so important events and happenings, but I think it has been like 5 DAYS!!! 

You all know what one or two inside days are like. Yah, now multiply that by 5, and times that by 26 hyper students, and several students with colds and stomach aches and.....yep, you get the picture....(I ain't so wimpy now, am I??)

Speaking of kids with stomach aches and colds...Monday, I came to school and all six kids from Table 4 were home SICK! Two went home from school sick yesterday. This morning I was really going for a full house with everyone back. 

We almost had everyone there today...(come to think of it...I haven't had everyone there in my class yet since we started back on January 3rd....) All the sick kids had come back to school, everyone was happily hanging up their backpacks and turning in their homework folders and then I hear sweet Kate standing below me saying in a faint voice those dreaded words:

                                      ......."Teacher, I don't feel so well."

Have I ever mentioned that there's probably a very good reason why I never had children of my own? I can't stand spit, puke, runny noses or blood. I seriously gag and get light headed. 

It all happened so fast--

Bless her cotton socks! At least she grabbed the garbage can and aimed inside it...

I, on the other hand, feeling my own gag reflexes kicking in, made a heroic dash across the hall to the custodian's office (just in case he needed to clean anything up) before I witnessed anything. 

So, poor dear little sweet Kate went home on her birthday no less! (I know, sad huh? Don't worry, we will really celebrate when she comes back!!)

And we are still 0/5 for ONE day where every student has been in attendance.  

In the meantime, I've been hiding out in the faculty room eating my chicken cordon bleu drinking my protein shake and dreaming of those long lost days of being a slug on my cozy bed during winter break....

Happy Wednesday!

Hugs and love,


  1. REbecca!!! Hi again! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment. Months ago all my followers disappeared from my gadget and I could NOT, for the life of me remember the name of your blog (bad, I know). So I started looking for you but had no luck ... I think you have a new design, don't you? That's what I'll blame it on ~ ha ha! But I'm going to get you back on my blog list right now.
    Take care and stay healthy (your class sounds wild and crazy right now!!).
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Barbara!!! So great to reconnect!!! I think you need to fly down and become my jogging buddy! :) I need to seriously get up and get moving! I've so missed you and have thought about you. I have a lot of catching up to do in reading your blog! I've seriously been hit and miss since last April! Yes, I did get a new blog design! I have blog design A.D.D!!!

      Teaching First

    2. Ha ha! I've never been to Utah. Maybe I should look for a race there :) See ya later!

  2. I hear ya on the exercising! I'm getting married in October and I've been working out now (trying to get in routine) for the past week. It's tough, but I'm hanging in there!
    We have been the opposite of you in class! All our kiddos have shown up lately. haha. And it's definitely felt like the longest week ever this more day!


  3. Haha! Your post cracked me up! I totally try to escape when my kiddos throw up. I figure, I don't need to double the size of the pile. :-)

    I am a relatively new follower of yours and am excited to read your posts.

    Compassionate Teacher

    P.S. You have an awesome name! Rebecca's unite!

  4. Rebecca that picture cracked me up! Thankfully, no pop in my mouth! I have a TERRIBLE gag reflex too!! I can handle my own kids, but ANYONE else, NO WAY!
    Hopefully the sickies pass quick and you get back in the groove!

  5. Welcome back, blog buddy! Sorry to hear about your inside recess woes. Hopefully it gets better soon.
    Teachin' First


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