Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inside Recess Solution: Adventure to Fitness

One of our Special Education teachers shared this link with us last week and I just LOVE it! We have had a MONTH of inside recess due to the weather, cold temperatures, and the toxic smog trapped in our valley!

If you are looking for a fun way to help your students get their wiggles out, check out this web site! I just projected it on my Promethean board and the kids had a ball! The fun thing is, it teaches the children about different parts of the world as they exercise! I did have to register as a teacher, but it is free.

Here are a few of the topics they cover:

We are having a snow storm right now, so I am looking forward to watching another one of these exercise videos during our lunch recess tomorrow! 


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  1. One of my amazing coworkers introduced me to this last week when I walked in to borrow a book from her and her kids were exercising on the rug and very well behaved. I have used it since last week and they absolutely LOVE it! They even ask me if they can stay inside for recess now!


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