Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moon Unit


I have been participating in The Science Week linky party going on at Teaching Blog Addict's website (Teaching Blog Addict ). Today we are sharing some freebies from some of our Science units. I love teaching about the moon! October is the perfect month to get the kids outside observing the moon before the moon gets low in the southern sky. There are so many wonderful web sites that provide observation of the moon. One such website is Earth and Moon Viewer (Earth and Moon Viewer).

Here is a free handout from my "All About the Moon" Unit on TpT. Be sure to stop in on Friday when both my "All About the Moon" Unit and my Apple and Seasons Unit will be on sale 50% off!
There is only Love,

All About the Moon Sample

And in celebration of NASA finding water on the moon ( see this link Water on Moon- NASA), here are a couple of free water downloads. Enjoy!


  1. Love you water experiments. Love the easy prep for them.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. Thank you, Denise! I'm glad you like them!

  3. Great experiments. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. You are so welcome S. Parker! I'm glad you stopped by!


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