Monday, October 3, 2011

Things kids say that make you go "hmmmm..."

I love teaching first graders just because of the things they say sometimes. Today, we were brainstorming what the moon looks like and one student raised his hand and said "The moon looks like a banana. You know, when it's kinda shaped like a C in the sky."  Genius!  I had never thought of it that way before and loved it!

Last week my grade level had that glorious job of bus duty. We have signs that are posted on our classroom door so that parents know where to look for us. One of my co-worker's students came in to school one morning day freaking out. She grabbed her teacher's hand pulling her to the door and said "Look teacher! There's a swear word on your door!" When asked what she was talking about the little girl pointed to the word "Hall" in Hall Duty and announced "It says Hell!!" The rest of the week we had a good laugh as we went out for "Hell Duty". ;)

There is only Love! And boy don't we know it working with these precious little ones. Must get to bed!
Happy Monday


  1. Today one of my first graders told me that my room was special. My heart melted.

  2. That's awesome!! I was just thinking about how one of my students said to me out of the blue "Miss Sutton, you're beautiful." If only you knew how tired I looked and felt....I, too, melted. We are so blessed...


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