Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monster Energy Drink

I don't know about you, but when my work environment gets stressful everything at my home seems to go by the wayside and I just kind of let things slide. Well, let's just say, work has been stressful the past month and my house wasn't exactly something I was proud of. Then, my parents drove across country last week for a visit. I did my best to get things tidied up and presentable, but I have to admit, I WAS sick all last week with a sore throat and I was exhausted by the time I taught in the before school program and all day....putting in 10 hours plus daily at yah, I told my parents to enter at their own risk!

Oh, and did I mention that on top of the stress at work (not from teaching but from the Powers That Be) I have had a student off his ADD meds for two weeks now. Yah, the mouse licker one I told you about earlier...Yah, I called mom a few times and she insisted he had taken them (it was on his information sheet that she had filled out for me otherwise I wouldn't have called). So, yesterday, I casually mentioned to this child that his mom told me she had given him his meds, and he says "No, I haven't taken any since I told you I did. Unless....unless that can with the three lines that says 'Monster' on the front but it's not a real monster but a pretend monster is my medicine...." "Huh??!! What can with the Monster on the front? Does it SAY the word monster or is it just a picture of a monster??" "No, it says 'Monster'. You know, with the three lines (he draws three lines in the air)."   Oh boy! Yah, you got it,  he's been getting "medicated" with Monster energy drink! ------------------------ Speachless

Which brings me to today....I was emotionally wiped out from the stress of work, ADD child and then having my parents here has been WONDERFUL but I haven't had a ton of time to spend with them since I've been working, and the bell rings and I turn around and there's a Twinkie on my desk left for me by one of my students. And there sat  the two notes given to me yesterday from a parent and a former student thanking me for being their teacher....and then my ADD student came with his real meds having been taken this morning.... and the was peaceful and calm and there was this great vibe. I smiled more today and laughed more.  Today, two of my students told me they were going to miss me when they go to second grade next year. And to top it off, as we were cleaning up the room at the end of the day, right in front of another teacher, one of my boys came up to me and said "I love you Miss Sutton" and walked away. My mouth dropped. I smiled. And I came home to my parents having cleaned my house and done my laundry for me! (It was a kind gesture that I totally appreciated under the circumstances!) And I realized life is good!

And the best part is, tomorrow is Fall Break. I have a whole day to spend with my parents before they have to head back home to Illinois and then I have the Friday through Sunday to just chill! This is one Fall Break that I need!

There is only Love,


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