Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bits of This-n-That

Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade is having a cute linky party! I've been having so much fun reading everyone's links that I thought I'd join in! You can also win the coolest "Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener" just for entering her linky party!  Who couldn't use THAT in the classroom!! Me! ME!!! (We're going on pencil sharpener #3 already this year!!! AND they are the heavy duty sharpeners!! Yah, you can thank a few crayons for that!)

Also, don't forget to check out my blog roll, New Blogs on the Block, over here to the right! There are so many CUTE bloggers just joining our ranks and they need our love! 
Here are two that I just found tonight!


Darlin' In First is also planning her first giveaway when she reaches 50 followers! She is almost there, but needs some support! Head on over to show them both some love, along with the other new blogs on the block!

Ok, and now to what is really on my mind today....Planning time. My good friend and intern that I taught with last year, was so sweet and came and spent her day off helping me in my classroom!!! BLESS HER COTTON SOCKS for showing me all that love today!! She is off track right now (year-round school) and so she drove down an hour from Salt Lake City and spent one of her days of freedom with me!! Now that is a true friend!

ANYWAY, we were talking about her new job and yadda, yadda, and planning time came up. She told me she hasn't had planning time until last month and now they finally hired someone to teach p.e. so she gets 30 minutes A WEEK!!

**blank stare**picking up jaw off the floor**

I just can't believe that there are districts that have cut planning time back that much! I know there are always rumors of having our planning time cut back, but I have to say we have it really good in my district with 30 minutes a day.

Which brings me to my question...what kind of planning time do teachers out there get? I know in my district Middle School and High School teachers get a bit more...but on average, what kind of planning time do you all have? Love to hear from ya!



  1. I love The Office!

    What? 30 minutes a week? I wouldn't be able to plan a thing! In my district in AZ, we have 40 minute preps daily! Yay!

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. I'm listening to my dogs snore too! :) We get 0 minutes of planning time, so I'm jealous of your 30! Happy almost Friday! :)

  3. Chocolate chip cookies! where? I need some too. I've been thinking of them ALL week. Try Pamelas gluten free mix. They're amazing. You can't tell them from wheat flour.
    Grade ONEderful

  4. Thanks for the new blog love!! I appreciate it :) As for planning time- once a week OMG!! Can't imagine! My county in Florida is 30 min/day...and thats def not enough!!! :)

  5. Thank you so much for including my blog on your new blogs on the block role. I really appreciate the support.

    Queen with Class

  6. I teach in NC, and I have complained about planning time before, but we have more than 30 min! I have 1 hour on Tuesdays to plan and 2 hours on Wednesdays. I'm glad now that I have what I do!


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