Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!! And the WINNERS are.....

I hope everyone had fun ringing in the New Year last night! I celebrated by taking a long hot bath, getting on my pjs and flipping back and forth on the tv between Ryan Seacrest in Time Square on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve and watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Lee Gifford on CNN.

I have to admit I got hooked with the banter going back back and forth between Anderson and Kathy about how Kathy thinks Ryan Seacrest and Oprah are trying to kill her. Then Anderson started giggling and I couldn't stop laughing....It got really interesting when they started talking about their plans after they went off air and whether or not Anderson would stay long enough at Kathy's hotel room to order pizza or if he'd be bored and not be able to last 15 minutes.....Yah, it was an exciting evening!

I sure have loved reading the comments on my last post! Thanks for sharing your New Year's Eve traditions big and small! I loved reading where everyone is from, too!!

Congratulations to the following people for winning my Penguin Activities packet!

 If you'd like another chance to win my Penguin Activities Packet AND my Winter Wonderland Packet, head on over to Melissa at Seusstactic Classroom Inspirations! It's her 40th birthday celebration and she is giving away 40 packets from various bloggers! I'm at the very bottom of the list so scroll on down to see my packets.  Go check it out!

My friend Yvonne, over at Sassy In Second Grade also has a super cute Penguin Freebie! You'll want to go check it out at her blog!
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Yeah, I'm so excited! Can't wait to use the penguin activities with my class!

  2. Thank you so much! Very excited! My kiddos are going to love! Laura

  3. Utah is so beautiful though with the mountains but I don't think I'd like so much cold weather. Although it was triple digit here in TX for months with no rain. I'd love to have been in Utah then! Love you blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

  4. Thank you Susan! And to all my winners, thanks so much for your comments, too!


I just LOVE your comments!

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