Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Leap Frog Products I Love!

It's Wednesday!! Actually, all day today I thought it was Thursday!! I even took my class to the wrong specialties class because I could have sworn it was Thursday!! Must be all that cold medicine I took last night hoping to get a good night's sleep....*sigh*....didn't happen, by the way! (And THANK YOU to everyone for your well wishes that I'd feel better soon!!) I am happy to say, this sinus infection is finally on it's way out!! I have been sooo exhausted this week and my chickadees have been soooo hyper!! Not such a great combination!

I have to admit, I waved the white flag of retreat today and put on a video for a little bit. Have any of  you watched the Leap Frog series?? Seriously, the cutest teaching videos out there! We watched Leap Frog Talking Words Factory 2 today. It is all about the Silent E machine and how it stopped working. It has these super cute songs that go along with the video and the kids just join in singing! It gives them examples of how a short vowel, CVC word, turns into a long vowel sound when the Silent E is added. This video also talks about vowel combinations, long vowels and th and sh.

My principal was so kind and bought all the Kindergarten and First grades several of the Leap Frog videos years ago. That was back in the days of VHS! Now I've gone and bought them at Walmart and on DVD and send them home with some of my students to help reinforce various skills. They are a great addition to your math and language arts curriculum! (And, great for those days when you are just not feeling well, too!)

Here are just a few of the Leap Frog products that I have!

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  1. Sinus infections are awful! I've only had one in my life and I never knew that there could be so much stuff going on in my head. Glad you are on the upward trail. The week is almost over! Hang in there.
    First Grade Delight

  2. I thought it was Thursday today too!

  3. Aww, sending a BIG hug your way so you feel better even sooner! I wish it was Thursday, but at least we get a 3 day weekend, right?!?! :) These videos looks too cute, I will have to check them out :) Get some rest girlie and feel better soon :)

    Hugs and smiles,
    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

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  5. I use Letter Factory at the beginning of the year.....and my 3 year old at home LOVES it. He watches it all the time...... They don't even realize they are learning.


  6. The Leap Frog videos are the BEST teaching tool around! I purchased them years ago for my own children - when they were almost 1 and 3 years of age... after only a couple of viewings - they had learned all their letter sounds, names and were able to recognize them all by sight. The youngest could identify all of the sounds before he could even say mama... and taught himself to read at age 2 - and was reading 5+ syllable words at age 3! I owe it all to the letter factory videos! Now I begin every school year - showing these films and singing the songs with my classes. It has made a huge difference!!!! Love, love , love these too!!!!

  7. I love Leap Frog! Only problem is that their songs get stuck in my head- I'm singing them in the cat days after!

  8. Just found your blog. Love all your ideas! I'm your newest follower!


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