Monday, November 14, 2011

MoNdAy MaDnEsS SaLe

Wowie! What a crazy Monday!! I don't want to get into anything but lets just say I was close to tears at one point. It was one of those times where I was questioning my own sanity due to a confrontation I had. I HATE confrontations (especially with crazy people)!! I avoid them at all costs....ANYWAY......It all worked itself out, eventually, and that's a good thing, BUT I felt so badly all day, you know that feeling where someone has kicked you right in the gut and ya just can't get rid of it???  Oh, and when I got home my internet connection was on the fritz and I couldn't go blog hopping to sooth my weary soul.....PANIC!!!!  (It's still on the fritz....bumping me off every few minutes).....

Anyhoo, I decided when I got home tonight and I had no internet to distract me, that I just needed to do something nice for someone else in order to cheer myself up! I thought about calling all my friends and going out to dinner, but no one answered the phone when I called, so that was out. (Yah, kind of a depressing story here....)

But then, I had the idea of giving back to all of YOU! (That is if and when my internet gets back's down again so I'm just sitting here typing this blog in hopes that is comes back up preferably before midnight.....) SOOOOOOO, I'm throwing my first ever MoNdAy MaDnEsS SaLe EVER!!!!!  Whoo hooo!!!

EVERYTHING in my TpT store is on sale for $3.00 (or less) until TOMORROW morning (whenever I drag myself up out of bed to change the prices back to normal again!) SO, my wonderful blogging friends, this is my pre-Thanksgiving gift to you! THANK YOU for being out there in bloggyland to come home to tonight, for having my back and always cheering me up. I am soooo grateful for YOU! Hop on over to my TpT store and take a gander! I hope you find something you like! (My internet is back up!!!! WHoo Hooo!!)

There is only LOVE,


  1. Hope you feel better! And thank you! Just made my purchase :)

  2. Thanks you guys....Love you!
    Teaching First

  3. Hope tomorrow is a better day! And don't ya just LOATHE those days when your internet is on the fritz! Worse than a rainy day with no coffee for me!! Rest up and smile in the morning!!


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