Saturday, November 12, 2011

Winners of Give Away and My Yummy Baking Blog

Yeah! It's that time of day to go to the Random Generator and find three winners for my give away! And the winners are:

 Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of you for following me on my blog and TpT store. Stay tuned this week for more freebies from these units!

On another note, it is a rainy, cold and blustery day today. It is the perfect day to clean the house and TO BAKE!!! I love to bake cookies, pies, etc. and I am a collector of yummy baking recipes. Maybe it is because Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but I have been craving PIE!!  I have my most tried and true recipes posted on my baking blog, Becca's Bakery Corner.

I have some other super yummy baking recipes on my Yummy In My Tummy site. Here are some of the pies that have been making my mouth water lately!

Here's a pie that I found today that I want to try...It's called Egg Nog Pie. You can find the recipe here.

And I LOVE Kentucky Chocolate Pecan Pie!! I found a great recipe for this here.

And these are the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have tried. I make these all the time. They are called Marjorie's Chocolate Chip Cookies from Midwest Living Magazine.

Oh my gosh! Just looking at these recipes made me gain ten pounds! (New Year's resolutions aren't for another month or so....) So, I'm going to pull myself away from blogging land and hit the kitchen! Time to make some yummy treats!

Happy weekend everyone!
There is only Love,


  1. I just had to celebrate my winnings by make those chocolate chip cookies. They were awesome! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    First Grade Delight

  2. I like the new look to your blog!
    I continue to enjoy reading your posts and discovering your Bakery Corner.


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